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One of the most experienced education consultants in Canada

GWM Education is a Canadian professional overseas education consulting company that provides students with a complete set of services such as matching suitable Canadian high-quality primary and secondary schools, post-secondary colleges and universities, applying for school, studying abroad, and obtaining school admission documents.

At the same time, we also cooperate with an experienced professional ICCRC licensed immigration consultant team to process student visas, spouse work permits, children’s study permits, permanent residence permits, and citizenship certificates for students; we will solve all your problems at the lowest cost.

GWM also provides practical and comprehensive living services in order to help and accompany students and families in the initial adaptation stage of a smoother transition.

GWM’s belief is that [Regardless of age, educational background, work experience, and economic situation, we will try our best to find suitable and manageable courses for students; so that more people can truly enter this beautiful country of maple leaves and absorb free The free air of fear-no one less]

Our school network covers more than 100 in all provinces of Canada. It covers most public schools, and there are also private schools in different fields for Hong Kong people with different needs, which can accurately match students to the best schools.

GWM will always walk with you, out of a new page of Hong Kong people.


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Education Guide in Canada

More than 100 schools to choose from

GWM's services provide more than 100
Canadian schools, colleges and universities to choose from

Landing Service

Everything You Need

GWM provides you with a One-Stop service for renting and buying real estate with mortgages. GWM and reliable real estate professionals can help you to find your best-fit housing solution.

Application & Procedure

Step by Step Details

According to the needs of each case, the consultant team recommends suitable schools and subjects => GWM will help with school application => after acceptance from the school, RCIC will help to write study plan and apply for Study-Permit.

First-class Professionals

Our Edges

Together with RCICs, GWM provides students with One-Stop services, from identifying suitable schools, resolving school application challenges, writing Study-Plan, applying for Study Permit and helping families to get Open Work Permits, landing services, logistics, and securing accommodation and housing. We do the work, and you enjoy the process with ease.

Our partnering education consultants have decades of experience in international students in Canada. Our work processes are well-proven to be smooth, speedy, and effective. You save time, trouble, and money.

Despite the excellent reliable services we provide, our rates are highly competitive. Check it out, and you will be amazed at the value you get.