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Canadian Lifeboat Policy


British BNO Policy

1. A comparison of the Canadian lifeboat policy for Hong Kong people and the British BNO policy

A. Comparison of Canadian lifeboat Stream A and BNO 5+1
Canadian lifeboat Stream A, there is no upper age limit. You can apply for the Canadian College 2-year diploma (no subject limit) / Master, Ph.D. course / 1-year Post-graduate diploma, and IELTS 5.0 (GENERAL) before August 2026. Canadian Permanent Residence Permit (PR)!

When a parent obtains a Canadian permanent residence permit (PR), if the child is under 22 years of age and whether the child is travelling with you to study in Canada, he or she will be entitled to a Canadian permanent residence permit (PR).

Canadian lifeboat Stream A may be more flexible and shorter than BNO 5+1 for middle-aged parents.

B. Canadian lifeboat Stream A vs UK Graduate Immigration Route
For friends who cannot immigrate to the UK with their entire family, BNO 5+1 will not work; students can go to the UK to complete their degree alone through a 2-year UK Graduate Immigration Route and a 5-year Skilled Worker Visa (Skilled Worker Visa). It takes 7 years to get a British Passport (British Passport). Compared with the Canadian lifeboat Stream A, students who complete the Canadian College 2-year diploma (no subject limit) / Master, Ph.D. courses / 1-year Post-graduate diploma can apply for a Canadian permanent residence permit (PR) without working, which is faster than the UK.

2. If parents hold a Canadian student visa (Study Permit) or work visa (Open Work Permit), can their children go to Canadian public high schools or elementary schools for free?

If the parent holds a student visa (Study Permit) to study Diploma/ Degree/ Master/ PHD courses at a public institution, and a degree program at a DLI private institution, the accompanying children (unlimited number) can enter a Canadian public elementary school or secondary school for free.
If parents hold an open work permit (open work permit), accompanying children (unlimited number) can enter Canadian public elementary or secondary schools for free.

3. Want to get fair pay before applying for a permanent residence permit (PR) in Canada?

If you graduate from the UK undergraduate, apply for a 2-year UK Graduate Immigration Route, and then take a 5-year Skilled Worker Visa (Skilled Worker Visa) to immigrate to the UK; the UK government has stated that certain occupations belong to the UK’s shortage occupation, and employers can 30%-10% off recruitment! For some skilled occupations whose market price is less than £25,600 per year, the employer must raise the price to apply for the Skilled Worker Visa for you.

The Canadian government requires employers to hire employees with at least the minimum wage. You cannot lower your salary just because you have an open work permit. If this happens, the employer will be fined.

4. If your parents have a Canadian passport or a Canadian permanent residence permit (PR), and your parents have not paid Canadian taxes for more than 20 years, can you enter Canadian colleges or Canadian universities with local tuition?

According to the regulations of the UK Council for International Student Affairs, in order to study at a British university at a local student fee, students must have lived in the UK for 3 years before the first year of course starts.
Therefore, if a student has been living in Hong Kong but wants to return to the UK to study at a university, he must pay the international student fee even if he holds a British passport.

As for Canada, parents holding a Canadian passport or a Canadian permanent residence permit (PR), even if they live in Hong Kong for a long time or are declared non-long-term residents, and have not paid Canadian taxes for more than 20 years, their children can still enter Canada at local expenses college or Canadian university.

5. The Canadian school system is flexible, and it is easy to switch schools and subjects

Canada adopts the credit system. If you feel unsuitable for the school and subject you are currently studying, you can use your existing credits to switch to a different subject or school. You can also choose to work for a period of time after studying for a period of time, and then continue to study with the credits you already have, full of flexibility.

Canadian universities can arrange paid internships and exchange student programs for four years. These experiences are helpful for students to find jobs after graduation. If you are in Australian universities or British universities, these are all undergraduates that need to be extended for the original three years.

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